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Tickets for Peur Dépôt may not be reimbursed or exchanged. In case of any disparity between the price indicated on the ticket and the price on the receipt, the latter shall prevail. There is no return of fees in the event of cancellation. The tickets are valid for a limited period of 60 minutes, and for the time slot and day chosen. It is the responsibility of visitors to present themselves at the time indicated on their tickets. We strongly recommend arriving a minimum of 10 minutes before the time indicated on the tickets. Those arriving late will not be admitted.

Some still and moving images (photos, videos) will be taken during your visit along the Peur Dépôt sensory trail. These images, on which you might appear, may be used for promotional purposes. On validating your ticket and entering the Peur Dépôt sensory trail, you accept to cede the rights to them, on any medium, without compensation or remuneration from ACME Immersif.

The trail is designed for people aged 12 and over. Children aged 7-11 must be accompanied by an adult. The path is not recommended for children aged 7 and under, pregnant women, those suffering from epilepsy, cardiovascular conditions, or with serious physical constraints. ACME IMMERSIF cannot be held responsible for injury or loss.

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