Q. Why three levels?
R. Peur Dépôt is a ONE sensorial course with play stations of “Virus” placed at different locations within the course. There are three levels of play because it is becoming increasingly difficult, fast and intense!

Q. Are there waiting lines this year at PEUR DÉPÔT?
R. We use a ticketing system that allows us to split the day into distinct time slots, thereby significantly reducing the waiting time.

Q. Is it possible to obtain tickets in advance online this year?
R. Yes! We strongly suggest that you plan your visit and buy your tickets online.

Q. How long does the PEUR DÉPÔT experience last?
R. The approximate duration of the experience on the site is from 30 minutes, including the trail (15 minutes), the activities and the interaction with the Zombies on-site.

Q. Is there any physical contact while on the Peur Dépôt sensory trail?
R. Some, but these aren’t human interventions!

 Q. If I get too scared, is it possible to leave the Peur Dépôt sensory trail?
R. Yes, all you need to do is shout Poule Mouillee(‘chicken’) at any time, and someone from the organization will then come to find you and accompany you to the exit. You will be entered in the record of our chickens!

Q. Is it possible to reserve for a group at a specific time?
R. Yes! For groups of 13 or more. Contact us at (514) 358-6751.